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Whether you are a Sole Trader, own a Limited Company or, need services for your promising Startup – Kinsella McCrea & Associates can offer you professional advice and accounting services tailored perfectly to suit your needs.
We are proud of providing accurate, reliable management of all financial data.
Years of experience in the Irish market and high reputation make us a perfect partner for companies of all types and sizes.

What do you need to know about accounting?

Records need to be kept updated for taxation purposes. Knowledge about tax laws together with accurate accounting can help with cost planning and operational decisions.

Is all about analyzing, identifying, and communicating financial information to managers so they can better understand how to meet the company`s financial goals and to make well-informed business decisions.

Type of accounting which identifies all variable and fixed costs of company’s production. Helps to decide how much should products /services offered by the company should cost

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Kinsella McCrea office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

No matter what the question, Kinsella McCrea & Associates Accountants always has the answers. They are professional, prompt and responsive to our needs. They know the regulations and keep us up to date. I would recommend they without reservation.

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